All in all, we spent hundreds of hours combing through thousands of user reviews to put together a comprehensive list of the best crystal quartz stones bulk on the market. We then delved into these crystal quartz stones bulk further and put together detailed reviews so that you can easily pick the best crystal quartz stones bulk for your needs.

Best crystal quartz stones bulk

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Best crystal quartz stones bulk reviews

1. Top Plaza 0.44lb Bulk Irregular Shape Rough Clear Quartz Crystal Points 0.39-1.18'' Raw Natural Stones for Decor Reiki Crystal Healing


Size: approx: 0.39-1.18''/pc 30-50 Piece Lot Average (may vary - average only) Weigh: 0.44lb200g Variety of shapes, sizes due to natural stones.
Rough/Raw clear quartz crystal points shards raw stones. Good for crystal tumbling, cabbing, cutting, polishing, wire wrapping, wicca, divination and reiki healing.
They can be also put in your fish tank, flowerpot, garden for home decor.
Perfect gift: Come with a black gift box and a Top Plaza velet pouch, makes it a perfect gift for friends in holidays.
100 % natural matte finish rough rock crystal quartz and high quality guaranteed. 90 days money back guaranteed. You can ask for refund or replacement within 90 days after you receive it if you are not completely satisfied with the product. We value every customers.


Meaning of the stones:

White crystal:
The white crystals are of the spiritual world that is sensed but not seen. White crystals are guides when we don't know where we are going. They are the guides to understanding and knowledge that we don't even know exists.

Top Plaza is specialized in natural mineral crystals decorations. To decorate your home, you just need some crystal minerals. They also affect the energy within your private space. From ancient times, minerals, gems, and crystals have been used for millennia to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual balance. With Top Plaza Crystals you can find the thrill of using a crystal. To experience how they affect your spirit and physical health, including energy, healing, relaxation, inspiration, balance, or inner peace.

2. Premium Healing Crystals Gift Kit in Wooden Box - 7 Chakra Set Tumbled Stones, Rose Quartz, Amethyst Cluster, Crystal Points, Chakra Pendulum + 82 Page E-Book + 20x6 Reference Guide Poster, Gift Ready


PERFECT PREMIUM GIFT - If you want to mesmerize your loved one for encouragement, celebration or inspiration. Assure this is the perfect gift for beginners, practitioners or just to harmonize and dcor. Each kit is gift ready, carefully packaged with passion in a lovely wooden box tied with a satin ribbon bow. We have carefully selected the best combination of the most essential crystals perfect for meditation, healing, yoga, reiki, spiritual practices, harmonizing your special place
NATURAL CRYSTALS AND HEALING STONES KIT - The Essential Healing Crystal Sets Gemstones is the best value for a complete Charka Healing Crystal kit for you to immediately get the most from you healing crystal and balance your chakras. It includes 7 chakras tumble stones (clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian and red jasper), seven chakra pendulum crystal, clear crystal point, amethyst cluster, raw rose quartz + 20x6 Quick Reference Poster Guide + 82 Page E-book
HIGHEST QUALITY GUARANTEED - We are truly proud of The Essential Crystal Healing; as each kit is meticulously worked with a lot of passion and each gemstones and crystals is individually hand-picked for highest quality. Even though the stones are natural and vary in sizes, we carefully combine in each kit to have similar size stones so that each kit is aesthetically balanced and in equilibrium in energy. You will not receive a kit with large disproportional sizes from one another
FREE 82 PAGE E-BOOK + 20X6" REFERENCE POSTER GUIDE - Every purchase gets a Beautiful 20X6 Quick Reference Poster Guide for you to Dcor your Special Sacred Space and also a downloadable link with an 82 Page E-book, where you will learn how stones and crystals work, discover how to choose the right crystals for your needs, catalog of crystals, their properties and use, best way to charge and activate crystals, and more. Complete kit so you get the most from your healing crystals
120 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are confident that your loved one will love our Essential Crystal Healing Collection, if you aren't happy with your purchase for any reason you have 120 days to return for a full refund! The collection that you receive will vary from the photo since every collection is unique and natural imperfect but perfect in nature, but they are an accurate representation of the quality of the crystal you will receive. Crystal varies from 0.5 - 1.5 inch


The 11 pcs Essential Chakra Collection Starter is the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones.

This collection is for any occasion such as metaphysical, yoga, massage, abundance, ritual, encouragement, celebration, inspiration, meditation, prosperity or just relaxation.

Beautiful Wooden Gift Box 6x4x2 inch
Amazing 5 Fold Mini Poster Guide 6x20 inch
Chakra Pendulum Minerals
Rough Clear Crystal Quartz Point
Rose Quartz Raw Chunk
Amethyst Cluster
Red Jasper (Root)
Carnelian (Sacral)
Citrine Crystal (Solar Plexus)
Green Aventurine (Hearth)
Sodalite (Throat)
Amethyst (Third Eye)
Clear Quartz (Crown)
Downloadable 82 Page E-book: Chakra Healing Crystal: Reference Guide

Our collection set can boost, regulate, and recalibrate your chakras. As a result, you will feel more relaxed, revitalized, and recharged in body, mind, and spirit. That means you will gain that extra edge in all area of your life!

You can have the absolute peace of mind that each set was meticulously worked with passion and individually handpicked so that you will love it. We hand pick each stone for the best harmony and balance. They are individually inspected, recharged and cleansed. Securely packed before shipping assuring you or your loved one will love the experience

Our Essential Chakra Collection is ready for use in its own beautiful gift box. We want to make it as easy and as convenient for you to feel the benefits of our healing crystals right away!

3. Chakra Therapy Collection(Small) 17 pcs healing crystal kit, 7 Raw Chakra stones,7 Colorful Gemstones,Amethyst,Rose quartz Pendulum, Chakra lava bracelet, Dry Roses, Guide, COA, Best value, Gift ready


Chakra healing crystals and stones--7 raw chakra stones, 7 colorful gemstones in different sizes, Amethyst cluster, Rose quartz pendulum on the go
Lava chakra essential oil diffuser bracelet--Enjoy your favorite scent while Chakra healing. Simply put few drops of your favorite essential oil on the bracelet and enjoy.
Rose Aromatherapy for wellness-- elevating your mood, rejuvenating your body and healing your soul with a dose of wellness. Our Roses are organic, pure, and pesticide free. Make an herbal tea(Rinse before use), enhance your food and drinks, or a relaxing bath
Amazing gift for Great for both starters and experienced collectors--Show your love and care to your loved one! Come with Certificate of Authenticity with Complete information guide for chakra healing. Information guide for all crystals, chakra meanings, colors, and hand signs to open your chakras.
Life time warranty-Love them or we will buy them back from you! No questions asked


Tesh Care Chakra Therapy Collection with the best value/Small
Feel the radiant synergy from these beautiful and powerful stones.Heal and Ignite your spirit with nature's creation

Choose your Collection now to start your magical spiritual journey.
Each Chakra therapy Collection includes
7 large raw chakra crystals (Clear quartz, amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, tiger eye, Citrine, red jasper) 2"
7 colorful raw gemstones(TurquoiseRose quartz, Apatite, Fluorite, Red Aventurine, Pyrite, Black Obsidian,)1"
Amethyst Cluster 1"
Chakra laver stone essential oil diffuser bracelet
Rose quartz pendulm.1"
A Grade dry baby rose buds for love
Chakra Therapy Guide
Authenticity Certificate for your stones

Each stone is unique and special in its color, shape and size. You will receive a similar set as the picture shown

4. always88 10Pcs Natural Polished Love Heart Shaped Healing Palm Rose Quartz Crystal Stone Pink Shiny Carved Reiki Specimens Gemstone Adorn Decoration 0.99X0.99X0.39 inch


Premium Material: Made of high-quality natural rose quartz, each piece is hand carved from unique rough stone and then polish treated,each one is unique,please expect some slight variation in terms of color,size,texture,etc. You will receive a similar one as pictures shown.
Package Included: 10Pcs Natural Rose Quartz, Size for crystal: Approx 0.99X0.99X0.39 inch (25*25*10mm).
Beautiful rose heart shaped quartz, can be used to make the bracelet, pendants, necklace jewelry Accessories.
Rose Quartz- has a beneficial effect on the heart, blood, and circulation. You can find sleep with rose quartz under your pillow or by your bedside. Brings calm and tranquility and lessens anxiety in your life.
Best Gift-Carved and polished crystal hearts are a perfect gift as a symbol of our love.Arrive to someone full of positive energy and cleansed of all negative vibrations.


10Pcs Natural Polished Love Heart Shaped Healing Palm Rose Quartz Crystal Pink Shiny Carved Reiki Specimens Gemstone Adorn Decoration 0.99X0.99X0.39 inch

Item Description
Condition: 100% Brand New And High Quality
Material: High Quality Natural Rose Quartz
Color: Pink
Size: About 0.99X0.99X0.39 inch (25*25*10mm)
Quantity: 10Pcs
Package Included: 10Pcs Natural Rose Quartz
Conversion : 1inch = 2.54cm or 1cm = 0.393inch

*Manual measurement,please allow 3mm error.
*The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness.

5. 1 lb Bulk Rose Quartz Rough from Madagascar - Large 1" Natural Raw Stones & Fountain Rocks for Tumbling, Cabbing, Polishing, Wire Wrapping, Wicca & Reiki Crystal Healing


Quantity: 1 lb / Average Size: 1" to 1.25"
A beautiful natural pink rose quartz rough directly from the mine in Madagascar
Each of our images shows 1 pound of stones! (manufacturer part number: PEB-RQ-1)
Stones in our images have been soaked in water to showcase their potential!
Each and every stone is unique and you will receive ones similar to the images shown.


This spectacular Rose Quartz rough comes from a full mine run that was purchased directly from the Rose Quartz mine in Madagascar. Once it arrives at our warehouse in the USA this beautiful Rose Quartz is checked for quality to ensure only material that meets Polones e Brilho's quality standards is sent with every order. The sizes of the Rose Quartz you receive will average around 1" to 1.25" (20-40 grams) for most of the stones. This material can be used for tumbling, polishing, wire wrapping, crafts, fountain rocks, and any other application limited only by your imagination.

You are ordering 1 full pound of this rough Rose Quartz which in most cases is around 12-18 pieces but since it is sold by total weight the exact number of pieces you receive may vary from one bag to the next. You are receiving it exactly as it was mined in the rough so it is possible that some pieces are going to have a thin layer of dust on them and we recommend rinsing off the stones once they are received. Our pictures were taken with the stones having been rinsed and they were taken while the stones were still wet. The stones you are ordering is the PeB Brand with the manufacturer's part number of PEB-RQ-1.

6. Premium Grade Crystals and Healing Stones in Wooden Display Box - 7 Tumbled Chakra Gemstones, Amethyst Crystal, Rose Quartz, Quartz Crystal Point + Guide & Instructions - Gift Kit


HIGHEST QUALITY STONES: We travel to the source to carefully hand-select each crystal for its beauty and metaphysical qualities, ensuring that you are receiving the best stones available.
PREMIUM VALUE: Your set includes 7 tumbled gemstones, one for each chakra (White Howlite, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Carnelian, Red Jasper), Amethyst Cluster, Rose Quartz and a Crystal Quartz Point. The photos are an accurate representation of the quality of the stones you will receive. Tumbled stones are 1-1.5" in size.
PRE-CLEANSED: Healing crystals pick up energy and it's important that they are cleansed frequently. We've taken the first step and done this for you so they arrive ready to use. However, we recommend that you continue cleansing them on your own. Some common techniques are listed in the set's brochure.
MEMORABLE GIFT: Beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift. Includes wooden display box (6.5" x 4.5" x 2.75"), an informational guide listing each stone's properties, and cleansing/activation instructions. Great for meditation, chakra healing, yoga, Reiki, spiritual practice, and/or home decor.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will grant you a full refund.


Your body encompasses 7 major energy vortexes known as chakras, beginning at the base of the spine and extending to the top of the head.

For the body to maintain good physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health, it's important that the chakras remain balanced. Crystals vibrate at a high frequency that promotes cleansing and healing of the physical and subtle bodies.

Your set includes:

Red Jasper (Root Chakra) - Grounds and connects you to Earth's energy.
Carnelian (Sacral chakra) - Kindles passion, creativity and vitality.
Tiger's Eye (Navel chakra) - Increases personal power and will.
Green Aventurine (Heart chakra) - Heals and opens the heart.
Rose Quartz (Heart chakra) - Stone of unconditional love.
Sodalite (Throat chakra) - Promotes self-expression and truth.
Amethyst (Third Eye chakra) - Connects physical with spiritual realms.
Amethyst Cluster (Crown chakra) - Allows access to Higher Self.
White Howlite (Crown chakra) - Supports retrieval of spiritual wisdom.
Quartz Point (Crown chakra) - Draws energy towards or away from the body.

Note: As natural specimens, crystals slightly vary in look and size. However, the quality will never be compromised.

Crystalya provides Earth's most powerful energy tools for connecting matter and spirit, supporting you to fulfill your dreams and reach your highest potential.

7. JIC Gem 2 lbs Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Point 2inch Size about 20pcs up For Healing and Gift Use


You will receive totally 2 Lb crystal Quartz Points.Natural clear quartz.100% Natural from Brazil Mine.
Helps focus energy, activates. clear; transmits and transduces thoughts and energy.healing,meditation,crystal.
Can used for crystal degaussing,home decor crystal quartz They can be also put in your fish tank, flowerpot, garden for home decor.
These are raw and unpolished points. One pound of crystal clear quartz points.The quantity of points you will receive depends on the size and weight of each point.
Variety of Shapes, Sizes, Qualities and Tints .The picture is only for your reference,The stone you received will be similar because of the natural stones,Best Gift For Any Occasion.


About quartz
These points and crystal shards are natural clear quartz.
These are excellent for small crystal grids, offerings, medicine bags, and crafting.
Quartz crystal points are used for healing, meditation and expanding the mind to touch the spirit world. Quartz crystals are used for protection and capturing and changing bad vibrations.

JIC Gem products are put through rigorous scrutiny by individuals who have more than 15 years of experience in the stone, mineral, semi-precious stone, fossil and sea shell industry. Please be virtuous to make sure your item comes from JIC Gem when ordering on Amazon.

Customer service
Customer satisfaction always our first important thing to do.If there is any issue with the product you receive,please contact us first, JIC Gem will be more than happy to come to a resolution best suited for you. Enjoy!

8. Sunligoo Natural Healing Crystal Rose Quartz Heart Love Worry Stones Set Bulk Polished Pocket Palm Thumb Gemstones Chakra Reiki Balancing - 0.6 Inches, 15 Pcs


Natural Healing Crystal Rose Quartz Heart Love Worry Stones Set Bulk Polished Pocket Palm Thumb Gemstones Chakra Reiki Balancing. These set of crystal stones are great pocket stones, you can also pair with the cork stopper glass wishing bottle in our store. It will make a meaningful gift for birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, etc.
The crystal stone is best for healing and chakra balancing, positive energy, meditation, sound sleep, gift and many more applications. They can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body, or they can be used on a particular chakra. Removes all bad energy, evil forces, negativity, wrong choice.
Made in high quality natural crystal. The rose quartz exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, which can help improve interpersonal relationships, enhance the relationship between people and business, and is the best tool for business and the best stone of love.
Kind Reminder: Each crystal stone is natural and unique that the color is slightly different from pictures, please subject to the actual product you received.
We will match you with an exquisite gift box to packed these rose quartz stones. If you have any question or problem about your rose quartz stones purchased, please contact us. We will make sure reply you in within 24 hours, and give you the solutions as well.


Sunligoo Natural Healing Crystal Rose Quartz Heart Love Worry Stones Set Bulk Polished Pocket Palm Thumb Gemstones Chakra Reiki Balancing

-Your Best & Reliable Choice of Fine & Fashion Jewelry! Our focus and our reputation are built on innovation and quality. Every new jewelry is designed to Let Your Beauty Bloom.
-Find a special gift for a loved one or a beautiful piece that complements your personal style with jewelry from the "Sunligoo" Store.

The effect of Rose Quartz:
Rose Quartz is the love stone. Adds positive love energy to relationships. Compassion and forgiveness. Calming, helps clear stored anger, resentment, jealousy, fears. Replaces negativity with harmony. Helps to balance upper four chakra and eases sexual or emotional imbalances. Enhances self-confidence and creativity. Aids kidneys and circulatory system, promotes release of impurities.

Material: 15pcs natural rose quartz stones.
Dimension: 15*15*10mm, Stone Weight: 48g.

Warranty Item:
90-Day money back guarantee.If you are not completely satisfied with the product, please contact us through buyer seller message.

9. ZenQ 1/2 lb Tumbled Clear Quartz Stones, Natural Clear Quartz Crystal from Brazil


Size: Approx. 25-45mm. Net Weight: 1/2 Pound. Quantity: Between 7-10 Pieces
Sourced from Brazil crystal mine.
Shiny and polished clear crystal stone in irregular pieces.
Every stone is unique, you will receive stones that are very similar to those shown in the picture.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If your stones fail to meet your expectations, just email us for hassle-free replacements or refund.


You are buying a 1/2 lb parcel of tumbled clear quartz stones, the package comes with a cotton canvas drawstring bag as a gift.

Note: The stones are sold by weight, not by pieces, no matter how many pieces you receive, the total net weight of the stone is 1/2lb.

Weight: 227 Grams (1/2lb) in total, 23-33 grams each.

Material: Natural clear rock quartz crystal from Brazil.

Shape: Irregular, no holes, undrilled, tumbled, polished.

Size: Approx. 25-45mm each, a variety of all sizes are included and size may vary slightly.

10. QGEM Rose quartz Carved Thumb Worry Stone Healing Crystal Pocket Palm Stone w/Box


Thumb Worry Stones: Natural Rose Quartz
Stone size:(approx.) 1.7" in length,1.34" in width,0.24" in thickness.Qty: 1PC.
Worry stones (palm stones, thumb stones) are smooth, polished gemstones, usually in the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentation, used for relaxation or anxiety relief. They are used by holding the stone between the index finger and thumb and gently moving one's thumb back and forth across the stone.
Package content:1x worry stone, comes with a pretty gift box
Due to the nature of gemstones, carvings may slightly vary in size, color, and shape.


A worry stone is a small rock or stone that easily can be put in the palm of your hand. They often have a worn indentation that is a good fit for the thumb, and by rubbing the stone or otherwise messing with it, it can provide some stress relief.

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Please Note: Due to the nature of gemstones, carvings may slightly vary in size, color, and shape.

If you have any question or advice, please feel free to tell us, you can get reply in 24 hours.


All above are our suggestions for crystal quartz stones bulk. This might not suit you, so we prefer that you read all detail information also customer reviews to choose yours. Please also help to share your experience when using crystal quartz stones bulk with us by comment in this post. Thank you!
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